Excavation is the act of digging, often with the use of heavy equipment in the course of site development, earthmoving, or land grading. Therefore, excavation is an integral part of new building construction, demolition, site clearing, landscaping, drainage and other like projects. Excavating Carolinas has the knowledge and experience to give you professional, safe excavation services and get your property ready for whatever you are planning!

Land Clearing

Our land clearing services utilize heavy machinery to remove trees, stumps, and other vegetation to prepare a property for development and/or improve its appearance. Excavating Carolinas has the experience and equipment necessary to quickly and safely clear large areas of land. We can also advise landowners on the best way to clear their property based on its size, topography, and vegetation.

Land Grading

Grading can be used to prepare a site for construction, remedy drainage problems, stabilize an area against erosion, or simply to improve its appearance. Excavating Carolinas will work with you to create a plan that meets your specific needs. It should be noted that grading is one of the most important tools for ensuring proper drainage. We are experts at using grading to create a slope so that water can be directed away from the work site and into a storm drain or other outlet as well as grading to create berm to help intercept runoff and prevent it from reaching the work site.

Site Preparation

Site preparation prepares the site for future development. We can handle all stages of site preparation including clearing the land of any vegetation or debris, excavating the land to the desired depth, leveling off the land and preparing it for foundation work which is essential in ensuring that new buildings and structures are constructed on stable ground. At Excavating Carolinas, our proper site preparation ensures that the foundations of new sheds, buildings, driveways, structures and other built features are not at risk of settlement or collapse. This saves you time and money down the road too!

Trench Digging

No matter whether our trenches are used to lay pipe or cable, we dig them with precision in order to avoid damaging the underground infrastructure. In addition to excavating the trench, Excavating Carolinas refills and compacts the soil. This is important in order to prevent the trench from collapsing and causing damage to the underlying structure. We have a thorough understanding of how to safely operate our equipment and always take care to communicate effectively to ensure that the trenches are dug in the correct locations.

Drainage Solutions

Our drainage solutions address the problem of water accumulating on your property, leading to property damage, creating hazardous conditions, attracting pests and impeding the growth of plants and trees. Excavating Carolinas has the knowledge and experience necessary to address any issue, from flooding to erosion, in your yard.

Driveway Installation

When it comes to gravel driveways, if the grade is wrong nothing will hold up to mother nature. We specialize in grading and graveling driveways to make them hold up in any weather conditions Mother Nature throws your way. Our driveway services include installing new driveways as well as gravelling and grading existing driveways.

Tree & Stump Removal

Our tree and stump removal services can rid your property of dead, damaged or unwanted trees safely and efficiently. Excavating Carolinas offers complete tree removal and can even grind the stump and leave the wood chips behind! Our tree and stump removal allows you to avoid injury and having to rent or buy tools. Plus we have the manpower to do the job right, preventing property damage and cleaning up after.

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