How Do You Lay a New Gravel Driveway in Green Creek Twp, NC? Clear Land, Level Site & More

Gravel driveways and roads are a popular choice for many homeowners. Gravel provides natural drainage. It also provides a smooth road or driveway to park on and it is much cheaper than investing in concrete or asphalt. If you decide you want to put in a gravel driveway or road, Excavating Carolinas will share what steps are needed when installing a gravel road or driveway.

Mark Out the Driveway

The first step in putting in a driveway or road is marking where the gravel will go. There are a few ways that the driveway can be marked. Most often it is marked with either spray paint markings, or with stakes and string. This will help designate the work zone and help determine your next step.

Clear Land of Vegetation & Overgrowth

If there is grass, bushes and trees within the site, the land will need to be cleared and the topsoil removed. You will need to either have a tractor or contact a tractor service to help you with the land clearing. Not only will the vegetation need to be removed, but the topsoil will as well. For a proper gravel driveway you will need to remove the topsoil so that the supporting soil and grading material can be laid.

Calculate & Order Gravel Delivery

Once the land has been cleared, you can now take measurements of the area to determine how much gravel you will need to order. To calculate the needed materials you will need you, will have to measure the length and width of the drive way and determine the depth of the gravel. You will then need to multiply the length, width and depth, which will then be converted into cubic yards. This will help you know how much gravel will be needed. You will not only need the gravel but the base layers as well. A gravel path is made of three layers. The first layer is the base layer which is usually made of finer limestone. The second layer is a slightly rougher and bigger limestone. The final layer will be the gravel.

Level Driveway

Once your gravel and its sub level material has been ordered, you will want to schedule to have the driveway leveled. A tractor with a backhoe or bobcat is often used to level a driveway. You may need to seek professional tractor services to ensure your driveway is properly leveled.

Install Driveway

Once you have all of the needed materials you can begin to install the gravel driveway. It is often recommended to use a tractor service to spread the material. The first base layer can be easily spread over the driveway, followed by the second base layer. These layers are essential in ensuring good drainage. Lastly, the top gravel will be applied and spread smoothly.

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As you can see there is a lot of tractor work that is needed to install a gravel driveway. If you find you need quality tractor services to help install your driveway, contact Excavating Carolinas today.

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