Why is Surface Drainage So Important for Agriculture in Lexington, SC? Higher Crop Yields & More

Flooding and water logging is something that can happen anywhere whether it’s in your yard or in open spaces and fields. Having proper drainage is important in avoiding this issue. It is especially important when talking about agricultural land. There are many reasons why drainage is so important when it comes to agriculture. Excavating Carolinas is here to talk about land drainage and why it is often a huge focus for any agricultural land owner.

Why is Drainage Important for Agricultural Land?

From yields to profits, there are several reasons why land drainage is so vital when it comes to agriculture.
– Higher Yields: You have to have the right soil aeration to make sure that there is going to be the proper nutrients for crops to grow. The health of the soil is vital in producing high yield in crops. The right drainage can make sure that there is optimal fertilization and fewer weeds to combat. Crops need to be deeply rooted into the soil to produce high yields and the right drainage can help achieve that.
– Water Reaches Land Quicker: When there is proper drainage in place in a piece of agricultural property, the water will have the ability to reach more land at a faster rate. It helps the water to get to all of the areas that it needs to without wasting too much time.
– Improves Soil Tilth: Having proper drainage will help to improve the workability of a large piece of agricultural property. The right drainage can leave the land in perfect condition for growing and planting. When it comes to agriculture, dry land usually ends up leaving the property owner with losses. You don’t have to worry about that when you have the right drainage solutions in place.
– Avoid Salinity in Soil: Anyone in the business of planting and growing knows that salinity in the soil means death to crops. The water needs to leach the soil to avoid this issue. This is simply another reason why the right drainage and irrigation can benefit crops.
– Earlier Harvests: When you have proper irrigation in place, it can change the temperature of the soil which allows farmers to plant and grow their crops earlier than they would otherwise. This means that there are earlier harvests and it usually helps create bigger yields.
– More Microfauna: If you aren’t aware of what microfauna is it is the presence of tiny organisms inside the soil, like earthworms. These tiny organisms are able to more easily Burrow in the soil when there is proper drainage in place.

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If you are struggling with drainage on your agricultural land, you can turn to Excavating Carolinas to help you solve this issue. We will be able to help you with any drainage solutions that are needed to help you utilize your property to the fullest. Call us today!

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