Pros of Hiring an Excavation Contractor in Spartanburg, SC; Operating Heavy Equipment & More

Are you in the market for a landscape upgrade? Perhaps you are contemplating installing an in-ground pool, adding a sprinkler system, driveway grading and installation, land clearing, or other landscape features. While renting equipment and excavating yourself might be tempting, this job is best left to the experts at Excavating Carolinas. Regardless of the job size, excavating is potentially dangerous and could, if not done correctly, result in damage and costly repairs to your home and property. Excavating Carolinas outlines reasons to hire a professional excavating contractor.

Soil Analysis

Many people think the underlying earth they will be digging into will be the same as the topsoil. Unfortunately, this is often further from the truth. Once you begin digging, you can run into rocks, thick mud, sand, and even root systems. Digging into stones can be extremely difficult; mud and sand can collapse, which can be highly dangerous. Experts can perform an analysis of the the soil to determine its composition. This analysis will also help determine what equipment is needed to complete the excavation safely and accurately.

Operating Heavy Equipment Safely

The professionals at Excavating Carolinas use the latest equipment to dig, which makes the job safer and quicker to complete. Some methods you can expect include specialized digging tools to excavate gardens, pits for irrigation purposes, and long trenches for plumbing and other utilities. You can also expect to see specialized equipment used to reach obstacles, such as landscaping around trees and other items. The equipment will also make it much easier to dig into softer soil. Professional excavating contractors also have access to construction-grade heavy-duty equipment, which often requires special licensing.

Minimize Risk of Personal Injury & Property Damage

In principle, renting a bobcat and performing the work yourself might seem like a money-saving idea, but in reality, it could end up causing you heartache and a ton of money in repairs. If you are not used to operating a bobcat, it could potentially cause damage to the exterior of your home. Sensitive controls can cause the equipment to jerk, spilling dirt and rock, and other debris. Your Excavating Carolinas experienced operator will remove obstacles in and around the dig site while carefully navigating the terrain. Your contractor will also use the equipment carefully and efficiently, avoiding damaging your property and other items.

Professional Liability Insurance

Your Excavating Carolinas experts are fully licensed and insured in case of an unexpected mishap. Many DIYers don’t realize that renting unfamiliar equipment for excavation could result in unforeseen expenses. While most damage is covered under your homeowner’s insurance, your policy does not cover damage to public sewer lines or underground utilities. Insurance purchased when renting a bobcat only covers damage to the bobcat itself, not your property. Your Excavating Carolinas insurance policy will cover replacement costs if your home or utilities are inadvertently damaged during service.

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To learn more about excavation services and schedule an appointment for your Greater Polk County, North Carolina home or business, contact the experts at Excavating Carolinas today.

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