What are the Steps in Clearing Land in Hendersonville, NC? Site Prep, Removing Brush & More

Whenever any construction is getting ready to happen, there is some sort of land clearing that is going to need to be done prior to that happening. How much land clearing is required is going to depend on where the property is located. There is a lot to the land clearing process though that many people don’t understand. Excavating Carolinas is here to talk about what this process looks like.

How to Clear Overgrown Land

If you are getting ready to build a house on land that has not have been cleared, you are going to need to enlist the help of a Land Management company to help you get the site ready. Land clearing involves several steps before building can begin. Here is what you can expect in the land clearing process:
– Site Walk Through: Before any land clearing begins, you are going to want to meet with the contractors to do a site walk through. This will give your contractors the opportunity to see what kind of vegetation they are up against so that they can give you a proper estimate for the services they will provide.
– Selecting a Contractor: When you are selecting a contractor to work on your land, you want to find one that is going to have extensive knowledge of the local soil that you’re working with. Before any building can happen there is going to need to be a lot of work done with the soil to ensure that there aren’t any issues with settling. You want to make sure that your contractor is going to follow all of the local rules and regulations.
– Zoning & Permitting: Before any work can be done there needs to be zoning and permitting in place as well.
– Land Clearing Begins: Once all of these things are taken care of the land clearing process can begin. The amount of time it takes to get this job done is going to vary on the land. There will be varying levels of vegetation that needs to be removed and no piece of property is like any other. Other factors that play a role in the amount of time this takes will include the size of the site as well as the size of the crew that is working on it.
– Continued Land Development: Clearing the vegetation off the land is only the first part of getting ready to build. There is going to have to be some soil work done as well. You want to make sure that there is proper drainage in place before any building happens. Excavation and land grading vital steps in preparing the land to build on.

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If you have purchased property and are looking to build on it, you can rely on the professionals at Excavating Carolinas to help you get the land prepared for it. We will do all of the land clearing, excavating, grading, and other land prep needed for your new build. Call us today!

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